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New animation!

2011-06-02 15:25:11 by Buhagiarcain

Watch my new uploaded animation called: Tasty Bullets! Vote 3-5! I also uploaded the animation on Youtube!: cs8U

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2011-02-21 13:49:45 by Buhagiarcain

I uploaded my 5th worm picture! See it here: agiarcain/snow-worm

Anyways that will be the last sigworminator picture I will make for now. Why? Cause im working on a new game! Yep! Im making my first game ever! (Its not a platform game, I wish I can make a platform game but I don't know how :-( )
Anyways stay tuned to buhagiarcain's newgrounds page for the latest stuff, If I will need help posts, And new flash stuff and art! :D

Hello guys. If you know alot about Flash, Please tell me how to solve this: Sometimes im making an animation and when I put music in it I sometimes want it to stop in a certain frame, But I tryed everything I knew, So please help/tell me, How do I make the music stop at a frame I want it to stop? Please tell me! Cause im working on something new And I need to know really badly! Thanks!

Hello guys, Say I have a question, Cause I tryed EVERYTHING to get my Flash animation 'A Christmas Short 2010' in the Christmas 2010 collection and the 2010 collection, Please help me, How do I put my flash animation 'A Christmas Short 2010' in the Christmas 2010 & the 2010 collection? If you know how please tell me, Thanks! :-)

I am glad to say that I know how to put sound and music into flash! And I am currently working on a christmas animation that i'll be uploading when christmas is near! :D

HI! :D

2010-09-17 16:14:35 by Buhagiarcain

Hi everyone! :D

Omg im such an idiot :-(, Next time i'll only upload animations if I am good at flash, I just wanted to make my first upload onto newgrounds, Now i'll only upload animations that are cooler with action and maybe with music too.
I am talking about that suckish flash I uploaded onto newgrounds on 14th 2010
I feel a bit ashamed. Sigh